Class BlockTradeExecuteEvent

    • Constructor Detail

      • BlockTradeExecuteEvent

        public BlockTradeExecuteEvent​(String priceId,
                                      List<NettedLegExecution> legExecutions)
        Instantiates a BlockTradeExecuteEvent
        priceId - the price id
        legExecutions - the list of objects containing the leg number, direction and price of each netted leg.
    • Method Detail

      • getLegExecutions

        public List<NettedLegExecution> getLegExecutions()
        Returns a list of objects that contain the leg execution data. Each object contains the number of the netted leg - that can be used to id it, the direction, and the price.
      • getPriceId

        public String getPriceId()
        The PriceID of the price that should be executed, which was originally sent with the quote.
        the price id that the trade should be executed with.