Class BlockTradeSubmitEvent

    • Constructor Detail

      • BlockTradeSubmitEvent

        public BlockTradeSubmitEvent​(PricingSide pricingSide)
        Constructs a submit event with the PricingSide

        Typically this is PricingSide.TWO_WAY. Some users may not be permissioned for this, others may only request a specific side, for these cases PricingSide will be either PricingSide.BUY to denote that the Ask price be sent, or PricingSide.SELL to denote that only the Bid price should be sent.

        pricingSide - The pricing side denoting whether this event is for BUY or SELL
    • Method Detail

      • getPricingSide

        public PricingSide getPricingSide()

        Returns the requested pricing side of the trade.

        PricingSide is derived from the value of the BuySell field. The following lists the possible values of BuySell and what pricing side they are mapped to:

        • BuySell = TWO_WAY, then pricing side is PricingSide.TWO_WAY, this denotes that both Bid and Ask price should be sent
        • BuySell = BUY, then pricing side is PricingSide.BUY, this denotes that only ASK price be sent
        • BuySell = SELL, then pricing side is PricingSide.SELL, this denotes that only BID price be sent

        If BuySell field is empty or is not sent, then pricing side defaults to PricingSide.TWO_WAY.

        If the SubmitEvent is for a SWAP, and the pricing side is not PricingSide.TWO_WAY, then the pricing side refers to the near leg of the SWAP, and the pricing side of the far leg is the opposite side.

        The requested pricing side.