Class CancelRequest

  • @Deprecated
    public class CancelRequest
    extends UserTrade

    An instance of this object represents a request from the client to cancel the state of an existing order.

    • Constructor Detail

      • CancelRequest

        public CancelRequest​( trade,
                             ScheduledExecutorService executorService,
                             String parentOrderID,
                             String orderID)

        Constructs the CancelRequest with a trade object from the underlying trading com.caplin.motif.datasource that contains the fields and the state model representing the clients request to cancel an already existing order.

        Note: As a user of the FXIntegrationAPI one is not expected to create this object, but to be passed these in listeners. See OrderCancelationListener

        trade - The underlying trade from the trading com.caplin.motif.datasource library.
        parentOrderID - The ID of the parent order if part of a multi-leg order.
        orderID - The ID of the order that is to be canceled.
    • Method Detail

      • getCancelSentResponder

        public OrderCancelSentResponder getCancelSentResponder()
        Returns the Responder for responding to events from the CancelSent state. When the backend receives a request to cancel an order, the Responder should be used to send an acknowledgement of this and transition the state to Canceling.
        The responder for the CancelSent state
      • getCancelingResponder

        public OrderCancelingResponder getCancelingResponder()
        Returns the Responder for responding to events from the Canceling state
        The responder for the Canceling state
      • getParentOrderID

        public String getParentOrderID()
        ParentOrderID is optional and might be not defined
        parentOrderId or null (if parentOrderId is not defined)
      • getOrderID

        public String getOrderID()
        The ID of the order that is to be canceled, that the backend trading system understands.
        The order ID