Interface OrderCancelationListenerFactory

  • @Deprecated
    public interface OrderCancelationListenerFactory

    An OrderCancelationListenerFactory instance is responsible for providing a OrderCancelationListener whenever a Limit Order that already exists has been canceled from the client.

    Typically the client will have already submitted an order which they now want to deactivate.

    Example Usage:

     public class MyOrderCancelationListenerFactory implements OrderCancelationListenerFactory
              public OrderCancelationListener createOrderCancelationListener(CancelRequest request)
                     return new MyOrderCancelationListener();
    • Method Detail

      • createOrderCancelationListener

        OrderCancelationListener createOrderCancelationListener​(CancelRequest request)
        Returns an instance of OrderCancelationListener that will be notified of incoming client side events regarding orders that already exist being canceled.
        request - The object representing the parameters of the request the client initiated to cancel the order.
        The listener that will be called upon to handle client events