Interface OrderDetailsInfo

    • Method Detail

      • getUsername

        String getUsername()

        Gets the username of the user who requested the details of the order strategy.

        You are responsible for verifying that the user is permitted to view the order strategy. If he is not, you can send an error response to the client by calling StrategyDetailsCallback.onError(String).

        The username of the user who requested the details of the order strategy.
      • getOrderID

        String getOrderID()

        Gets the ID of the order the user is requesting details of.

        Note that this will be the ID of one of the child orders in the strategy, but you must return the details of the whole strategy the order is part of. You are responsible for retrieving the details of the requested order and determining if it is part of a multi-order strategy. If so, you will need to retrieve the other orders as well.

        This is because strategy detail requests are generally sent by clicking on an order in a blotter, but blotters usually show a single row per order rather than an order per strategy. So the row in the blotter will contain an ID for a single order only.

        The order ID.
      • getSuffix

        String getSuffix()
        Gets any optional suffix that was appended to the request by the client.
        The suffix, or an empty string if no suffix was sent on the request.
      • isSales

        boolean isSales()
      • getSubject

        String getSubject()
        Returns the original subject that was parsed to create this SubjectInfo
        Specified by:
        getSubject in interface SubjectInfo
        The original subject.