Interface StrategyDetailsRequestListenerFactory

  • @Deprecated
    public interface StrategyDetailsRequestListenerFactory

    A StrategyDetailsRequestListenerFactory instance is responsible for providing a StrategyDetailsRequestListener whenever details of a previously submitted strategy are requested by a client.

    Example Usage:

      public class MyStrategyDetailsRequestListenerFactory implements StrategyDetailsRequestListenerFactory
                    public StrategyDetailsRequestListener createStrategyDetailsRequestListener(OrderDetailsInfo subjectInfo)
                            return new MyStrategyDetailsRequestListener(subjectInfo);
    • Method Detail

      • createStrategyDetailsRequestListener

        StrategyDetailsRequestListener createStrategyDetailsRequestListener​(OrderDetailsInfo subjectInfo)
        When this method is called, you are responsible for creating and returning an instance of StrategyDetailsRequestListener to handle the request.
        subjectInfo - A request object that contains the identifier of the requested order and the username of the user requesting it.
        A listener that will be called upon to handle the request.