Interface EditStrategyListener

  • public interface EditStrategyListener
    A EditStrategyListener instance will be notified of incoming client events for editing the strategy.
    • Method Detail

      • onEditOpen

        void onEditOpen​(EditOpenEvent event)

        Called when the requests to edit a strategy.

        Typically this is the when Implementations should lock the strategy.

        event - The EditOpen event
      • onSave

        void onSave​(SaveEvent event)

        Called when the client request to save the edits they have made to the strategy.

        event - The Save event
      • onSaveFailed

        void onSaveFailed​(FailureType failureType)

        Called when the user has submitted a save request to edit an order but the request failed.

        Any locks on orders that are being edited should be released at this point. The trademodel has moved the EditOrder into the error state.

        failureType - The Enum describing what caused the failure
      • onClientClose

        void onClientClose​(ClientCloseEvent clientCloseEvent)

        Called when the client has finished making all the edits they want to the strategy.

        Any Strategies or Orders that have been locked should be unlocked.

        clientCloseEvent - The ClientCloseEvent
      • onTradeClosed

        void onTradeClosed()
        Callback for when the trade is closed