Class ClientCloseSentResponder

    • Constructor Detail

      • ClientCloseSentResponder

        public ClientCloseSentResponder​(EditStrategyRequest request)

        Constructs a Responder that can respond from the ClientCloseSent state for the EditStrategy trade model.

        Please use EditStrategyRequest.getClientCloseSentResponder() to retrieve an instance.

        request - The object representing the trade for the edit strategy request, which this responder can send messages for.
    • Method Detail

      • sendClientCloseAck

        public void sendClientCloseAck​(ClientCloseAckEvent event)

        Sends an ack to notify the client that the client close request to complete the edit order has been received.

        Typically if any strategies or orders have been locked for edit, these locks should have been removed.

        event - The acknowledgement event to send to the client
        Throws: - If there was a problem sending the event