Class EditPendingResponder

    • Constructor Detail

      • EditPendingResponder

        public EditPendingResponder​(EditStrategyRequest request,
                                    StrategyCache strategyCache)

        Constructs a Responder that can respond from the EditPending state for the EditStrategy trade model.

        Please use EditStrategyRequest.getEditPendingResponder() to retrieve an instance.

        request - The object representing the trade for the edit strategy request, which this responder can send messages for.
        strategyCache - A cache for storing the most recent version of the Strategy reported by the server.
    • Method Detail

      • sendEditAccept

        public void sendEditAccept​(EditAcceptEvent event)

        Sends the EditAccept event to notify the client that the request to open a strategy/order for edit has been processed and that they may begin editing the order

        event - The EditAccept event to send to the client
        Throws: - If there was a problem sending the event