Class ActivationDate

  • @Deprecated
    public class ActivationDate
    extends OrderValidityDate

    The Date an order should be activated. This can be a recognised string from a backend trading system just as GFA (Good for Activation immediately) or can be a date and time with a location or UTC offset.

    • Field Detail

      • GFA

        public static final ActivationDate GFA
        An instance of ActivationDate that represents Good for Activation immediately. Using this instance is equivalent to using an instance created with the constructor ActivationDate().
    • Constructor Detail

      • ActivationDate

        public ActivationDate​(String date,
                              String time,
                              String location,
                              String offset)
                       throws OrderConfigurationException

        Constructs an ActivationDate which represents a specific date, time and location. If you want your order to be activated immediately rather than at a future time, you can use the static instance GFA instead of creating an instance with this constructor.

        date - The date as string in the format "YYYYMMDD".
        time - The time as string in the format "HH:MM:SS".
        location - The location pertaining to the date and time the order should be activated. This can either be an entry in the tz database such as "Europe/London", or the string "LOCAL" (OrderValidityDate.LOCAL).
        offset - The UTC offset if the location was specified as "LOCAL", i.e local to the user. If a specific location is provided then this value must be null, because the offset can be inferred from the date, time and location.
        OrderConfigurationException - If any of the criteria specified by OrderValidityDate.parse(String, String, String, String) are not met. In particular, make sure you only provide a location or an offset, but not both. One of those two parameters must be null, or an exception will be thrown.