Class IfDoneStrategy

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    public class IfDoneStrategy
    extends MotifOrderStrategy

    Represents the contingent order strategy If Done then One Cancels the Other.

    The structure of this order is defined as:
    • Parent Order
      • Child Order
    • Constructor Detail

      • IfDoneStrategy

        public IfDoneStrategy​( trade,
                              String tradingSubProtocol,
                              String currencyPair,
                              String user,
                              String toboUser,
                              String remarks,
                              Set<AlertType> alertTypes,
                              String requestId,
                              String account,
                              List<Order> orders,
                              ActivationDate activationDate,
                              ExpirationDate expirationDate)
        Constructs an IfDoneStrategy based on the parameters provided.
        trade - The Trade object from the underlying Trading DataSource library. This contains the field map which the SingleStrategy is built from.
        tradingSubProtocol - The trading sub protocol, used to determine small variations of OrderStrategy.
        currencyPair - The currency pair that the order relates to.
        user - The user who submitted the order.
        toboUser - The trade on behalf of user.
        remarks - he contents of the free-form text field that can be filled in when submitting the order.
        alertTypes - A set of AlertTypes that should be used when the order is filled, such as SMS or email.
        requestId - The client-generated unique identifier for the order.
        account - The account that the order relates to.
        orders - The list of orders that make up this strategy.
        activationDate - The date and time that this order should be activated on.
        expirationDate - The date and time that this order should expire.
    • Method Detail

      • getParentOrder

        public Order getParentOrder()
        Returns the parent order, which must be of type Take Profit, Stop Loss or Market.
        The parent order.
      • getThenOrder

        public Order getThenOrder()
        Returns the order which will be executed once the parent has been executed. This order can be of type Take Profit or Stop Loss.
        The child order.