Class SingleStrategy

    • Constructor Detail

      • SingleStrategy

        public SingleStrategy​( trade,
                              String tradingSubProtocol,
                              String currencyPair,
                              String user,
                              String toboUser,
                              String remarks,
                              Set<AlertType> alertTypes,
                              String requestId,
                              String account,
                              Order order,
                              ActivationDate activationDate,
                              ExpirationDate expirationDate)
        Creates a SingleStrategy based on the parameters provided.
        trade - The Trade object from the underlying Trading DataSource library. This contains the field map which the SingleStrategy is built from.
        tradingSubProtocol - The trading sub protocol, used to determine small variations of OrderStrategy.
        currencyPair - The currency pair that the order relates to.
        user - The user who submitted the order.
        toboUser - The trade on behalf of user.
        remarks - The contents of the free-form text field that can be filled in when submitting the order.
        alertTypes - A set of AlertTypes that should be used when the order is filled, such as SMS or email.
        requestId - The client-generated unique identifier for the order.
        account - The account that the order relates to.
        order - The single order that makes up this strategy.
        activationDate - The date and time that this order should be activated on.
        expirationDate - The date and time that this order should expire.
    • Method Detail

      • getSingleOrder

        public Order getSingleOrder()
        Returns the single order.
        the order.