Class UserMaturityTenorDatesSubjectInfo

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    public class UserMaturityTenorDatesSubjectInfo
    extends MaturityTenorDatesSubjectInfo
    Class representation of the fields parsed from a User Maturity Tenor Dates Subject.
    • Constructor Detail

      • UserMaturityTenorDatesSubjectInfo

        public UserMaturityTenorDatesSubjectInfo​(String subject,
                                                 String effectiveDate,
                                                 String currency,
                                                 String username)
        Creates a UserMaturityTenorDateSubjectInfo with the given parameters.
        subject - the subject
        effectiveDate - the effective date
        currency - the currency
        username - the username
    • Method Detail

      • getUsername

        public String getUsername()
        Returns the username parsed to create this UserMaturityTenorDateSubjectInfo.
        the username