Class ConfirmationQuoteExtractor

  • public class ConfirmationQuoteExtractor
    extends java.lang.Object
    • Constructor Detail

      • ConfirmationQuoteExtractor

        public ConfirmationQuoteExtractor​(@Nonnull
                                          com.caplin.ret.trapi.fx.execution.QuoteEvent quote,
                                          boolean isBlock,
                                          com.caplin.ret.trapi.fx.Side side)
        Extracts all the values for each leg for the quote coming from RET
        quote - the quote coming from RET
    • Method Detail

      • getDealtCurrency

        public java.lang.String getDealtCurrency()
      • getContraCurrency

        public java.lang.String getContraCurrency()
      • getNearAmount

        public java.lang.String getNearAmount()
      • getFarAmount

        public java.lang.String getFarAmount()
      • getNearContraAmount

        public java.lang.String getNearContraAmount()
      • getFarContraAmount

        public java.lang.String getFarContraAmount()
      • getSpotRate

        public java.lang.String getSpotRate()
      • getNearAllInRate

        public java.lang.String getNearAllInRate()
      • getLegAllInRate

        public java.lang.String getLegAllInRate​(int legNo)
      • getFarAllInRate

        public java.lang.String getFarAllInRate()
      • getNearRawFwdPoints

        public java.lang.String getNearRawFwdPoints()
        Sometimes referred to as Fwd Points Format e.g. 0.00439
      • getFarRawFwdPoints

        public java.lang.String getFarRawFwdPoints()
        Sometimes referred to as Fwd Points Format e.g. 0.00439
      • getLegRawFwdPoints

        public java.lang.String getLegRawFwdPoints​(int legNo)
        Sometimes referred to as Fwd Points Format e.g. 0.00439
      • getNearFwdPoints

        public java.lang.String getNearFwdPoints()
        Sometimes referred to as Fwd Pips Format e.g. 4.39
      • getFarFwdPoints

        public java.lang.String getFarFwdPoints()
        Sometimes referred to as Fwd Pips Format e.g. 4.39
      • getAccount

        public java.lang.String getAccount()
      • getNearMargin

        public com.caplin.ret.trapi.fx.execution.Margin getNearMargin()
      • getFarMargin

        public com.caplin.ret.trapi.fx.execution.Margin getFarMargin()
      • getNearBuySell

        public getNearBuySell()
      • getFarBuySell

        public getFarBuySell()
      • getLegBuySell

        public getLegBuySell​(int legNo)
      • getNearFixingDate

        public java.lang.String getNearFixingDate()
      • getNearRiskDate

        public java.lang.String getNearRiskDate()
      • getNearRiskTenor

        public java.lang.String getNearRiskTenor()
      • getNearStartDate

        public java.lang.String getNearStartDate()
      • getNearStartTenor

        public java.lang.String getNearStartTenor()
      • getNearSpotMidRate

        public java.util.Optional<java.lang.String> getNearSpotMidRate()
      • getFwdMidPoints

        public java.util.Optional<java.lang.String> getFwdMidPoints​(int legId)
      • getAllInMidRate

        public java.util.Optional<java.lang.String> getAllInMidRate​(int legId)
      • getUnderlyingQuoteEvent

        public com.caplin.ret.trapi.fx.execution.QuoteEvent getUnderlyingQuoteEvent()
      • toString

        public java.lang.String toString()
        toString in class java.lang.Object