Class BlockSubmitWrapper

  • public class BlockSubmitWrapper
    extends java.lang.Object
    A wrapper for a SubmitTradeEvent for use in Block Quotes. The netted legs in this class are NOT sent to RET. They are set up to match the netted legs that RET will be sending on the block quote.

    Provides access to all netted legs of the trade event, sorted by settlement date. Calculates netBuySell of the block quote from the netted legs.

    • Constructor Detail

      • BlockSubmitWrapper

        public BlockSubmitWrapper​( submitTradeEvent,
                                  boolean isV1Message,
                                  int numberOfV1NonNettedV1Legs,
                                  int totalV1Legs)
    • Method Detail

      • getStringLegIdForLegQuote

        public java.lang.String getStringLegIdForLegQuote​(com.caplin.ret.trapi.fx.execution.LegQuote legQuote)
      • getNumberOfNettedLegs

        public int getNumberOfNettedLegs()
      • getNetBuySell

        public java.lang.String getNetBuySell()
      • getBackingTradeEvent

        public getBackingTradeEvent()
        Get the SubmitTradeEvent backing this wrapper.
      • getSettlementDateForNettedLegNo

        public java.lang.String getSettlementDateForNettedLegNo​(int legNo)
      • isSales

        public boolean isSales()
      • isV1Message

        public boolean isV1Message()
      • isEven

        public boolean isEven()
      • getTotalV1Legs

        public int getTotalV1Legs()
      • getNumberOfV1NonNettedV1Legs

        public int getNumberOfV1NonNettedV1Legs()