Class PerLegOrderEditor

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    public class PerLegOrderEditor
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements OrderEditor
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      void initialise​(OrderEditor.Context context)
      Initialises the OrderEditor.
      boolean updateOrder​(com.caplin.ret.trapi.fx.FXOrder trapiFXOrder, strategy, order, editStrategyRequest)
      Updates a given FXOrder with changes from strategy and order.
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      • PerLegOrderEditor

        public PerLegOrderEditor()
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      • updateOrder

        public boolean updateOrder​(com.caplin.ret.trapi.fx.FXOrder trapiFXOrder,
                            throws java.lang.Exception
        Description copied from interface: OrderEditor
        Updates a given FXOrder with changes from strategy and order.
        Specified by:
        updateOrder in interface OrderEditor
        trapiFXOrder - FXOrder that needs updating data.
        strategy - Strategy with changed data
        order - Order with changed data
        editStrategyRequest - represents a front end request to edit a previously submitted single order or multi-order strategy.
        true if the order was updated, false if not.