Interface OrderFactory

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    public interface OrderFactory
    Sets data on a TrAPI order FXOrder from a given MotifOrderStrategy strategy and Order order.
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      static class  OrderFactory.Context  
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      void createOrder​(java.lang.String user, java.lang.String retClientName, OrderTypeInStrategy orderType, strategy, order, com.caplin.ret.trapi.fx.order.transaction.strategy.submit.SubmissionFXOrder trapiFXOrder, boolean isSales)
      Sets data on a FXOrder from the given strategy and order
      void initialise​(OrderFactory.Context context)
      Initialises the factory.
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      • createOrder

        void createOrder​(java.lang.String user,
                         java.lang.String retClientName,
                         OrderTypeInStrategy orderType,
                         com.caplin.ret.trapi.fx.order.transaction.strategy.submit.SubmissionFXOrder trapiFXOrder,
                         boolean isSales)
                  throws java.lang.Exception
        Sets data on a FXOrder from the given strategy and order
        user - the user
        retClientName - the ret client name
        orderType - OrderTypeInStrategy
        strategy - a strategy
        order - an order
        trapiFXOrder - the order to be built
        isSales - Whether or not the order is being entered a Sales Trader.