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StreamLink.NET Overview

StreamLink is an API that allows an application to exchange real-time financial data and trade messages with Caplin Liberator servers via the Web or other TCP/IP network.

It provides the following capabilities:

The following connection types are available:

Support for specifying a HTTP proxy is available for all connection types.

The following authentication schemes are available:

Getting Started

It is recommended that you read the Caplin StreamLink Overview to gain an understanding of:

Upgrading from 5.x.x to 6.x.x

See Upgrading for more information on how to upgrade.


The API operates asynchronously. This means that when the client application code issues a subscription request or a command to StreamLink, the response is not returned immediately through the method used to issue the request or command. Instead, you must set up a listener object (Caplin.StreamLink.ISubscriptionListener). You then supply this listener to StreamLink. StreamLink calls the appropriate callback method(s) on the listener object to communicate data and command responses back to the client code.

Implementing interfaces

Much of the StreamLink API is defined as interfaces. You must implement some of the interfaces in order to use StreamLink. These implementations effectively integrate StreamLink with your client application. There are also interfaces with implementations that are built into the API, so in these cases you do not need to write your own.

Note:An interface description will state whether the interface must be implemented before use.

As a minimum you need to implement the Caplin.StreamLink.ISubscriptionListener interface. StreamLink calls your SubscriptionListener implementation to deal with events concerning subscriptions to data.

You should also implement the Caplin.StreamLink.IConnectionListener interface if you want to provide users of your application with information about the state of the connection.

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