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oCCaplin.StreamLink.ContainerFilterFactoryA factory for creating FilterExpressions for use in the IContainerSubscriptionParameters select method.
oCCaplin.StreamLink.IAdvancedConfigurationThis interface provides access to advanced features of the StreamLink library.
oCCaplin.StreamLink.IChannelRepresents a channel to a subject on the Liberator.
oCCaplin.StreamLink.IChannelListenerInterface for receiving updates on the channel from the Liberator.
oCCaplin.StreamLink.ICommandErrorEventProvides error information for commands.
oCCaplin.StreamLink.ICommandListenerDefines the interface that you should implement to receive information on the result of a command.
oCCaplin.StreamLink.ICommandParametersInterface that defines parameters for a ICommandSubscription.
oCCaplin.StreamLink.ICommandSubscriptionStored information on the subscription and lets you unpersist the command.
oCCaplin.StreamLink.IConnectionListenerDefines the interface for receiving information about changes in the state of the StreamLink connection, the data services available from the Liberator, and the DataSources that are normally connected to the Liberator.
|\CCaplin.StreamLink.BaseConnectionListenerAdapter class implementing the IConnectionListener methods
oCCaplin.StreamLink.IConnectionStatusEventProvides information about a change in status of the connection to the Liberator.
oCCaplin.StreamLink.IContainerElementRepresentation of a subject that is within a container.
oCCaplin.StreamLink.IContainerModelThis interface defines a model that represents a container. You need to implement it to process the updateModel callback in IContainerEvents.
oCCaplin.StreamLink.ICredentialsEncapsulates authentication information used to log in to a Liberator server.
oCCaplin.StreamLink.ICredentialsProviderThis interface defines how to provide the user credentials that StreamLink uses to log into a Liberator server.
oCCaplin.StreamLink.ICredentialsReceiverInterface that your custom implementation of ICredentialsProvider must call to provide credential information to StreamLink.
oCCaplin.StreamLink.IDataEventProvides access to fundamental information about subscription events relating to changes in data, such as the subject and the type of event that has occurred.
|oCCaplin.StreamLink.IChatEventProvides information about updates to a chat subject.
|oCCaplin.StreamLink.IContainerEventRepresents an update to a container subject.
|oCCaplin.StreamLink.IDirectoryEventProvides information about a change to a directory.
|oCCaplin.StreamLink.IJsonEventProvides information about a JSON message.
|oCCaplin.StreamLink.INewsEventProvides information about a news headline update.
|oCCaplin.StreamLink.IPageEventProvides information about a change to data in a Page
|oCCaplin.StreamLink.IPermissionEventProvides information about a change to permission data.
|oCCaplin.StreamLink.IRecordType1EventProvides information about a change to type 1 data (fieldname and data pairs) in a record.
|oCCaplin.StreamLink.IRecordType2EventProvides information about a change to type 2 data in a record.
|oCCaplin.StreamLink.IRecordType3EventProvides information about a change to type 3 data in a record.
|\CCaplin.StreamLink.IStoryEventProvides information about a change to story data in a Story
oCCaplin.StreamLink.IDirectoryChangeElementProvides information about a change to a directory element.
oCCaplin.StreamLink.IFilterExpressionInterface that represents a filter expression.
oCCaplin.StreamLink.IKeymasterPollResponseListenerDefines the interface that should be implemented by the application to receive KeyMaster keep alive Responses.
oCCaplin.StreamLink.ILoggerAllows StreamLink log messages to be written to the destination of your choice.
oCCaplin.StreamLink.ILogInfoStores log information including message and level of a log entry.
oCCaplin.StreamLink.ILogListenerInterface for receiving log messages from the StreamLink application.
|\CCaplin.StreamLink.ConsoleLogListenerUtility class to aid debugging.
oCCaplin.StreamLink.Alerts.INotificationA Notification is an object that can be sent to notify a user of a particular event.
oCCaplin.StreamLink.Alerts.INotificationListenerInterface that should be implemented to receive notification change callbacks from the NotificationProvider
oCCaplin.StreamLink.IPageElementProvides information about a single text change for the given row and column in a Page.
oCCaplin.StreamLink.IRawSocketFactoryThis interface allows a user application to specify a connection strategy to use when creating Type 1 (direct socket) connections. For example, to negotiate a SOCKS proxy or other custom tunneling requirements.
oCCaplin.StreamLink.Alerts.IResultListenerAn interface that can be registered to be called back when an operation completes.
oCCaplin.StreamLink.IServiceStatusEventProvides information about the change in status of a data service to which StreamLink is connected via the Liberator.
oCCaplin.StreamLink.ISourceStatusEventProvides information about the change in status of an Integration Adapter to which StreamLink is connected via the Liberator.
oCCaplin.StreamLink.IStatisticsEventProvides access to the statistics relating to an instance of StreamLink.
oCCaplin.StreamLink.IStreamLinkDefines the StreamLink interface.
oCCaplin.StreamLink.IStreamLinkConfigurationInterface that allows the configuration of StreamLink to be defined programmatically.
oCCaplin.StreamLink.ISubscriptionRepresents a subscription to a subject on the Liberator.
oCCaplin.StreamLink.ISubscriptionErrorEventProvides information about a subscription error.
oCCaplin.StreamLink.ISubscriptionListenerInterface for receiving updates to subscribed data from the Liberator.
|\CCaplin.StreamLink.BaseSubscriptionListenerAdapter class implementing the ISubscriptionListener methods
oCCaplin.StreamLink.ISubscriptionParametersThe base interface for defining parameters that apply to Subscriptions.
|oCCaplin.StreamLink.IFreeFormSubscriptionParametersA FreeFormSubscriptionParameters instance allows you to pass parameters to subscriptions for subject types that are not records or containers.
|oCCaplin.StreamLink.IJsonSubscriptionParametersDefines the parameters used for Json subscriptions.
|\CCaplin.StreamLink.IRecordSubscriptionParametersDefines the parameters used for Record subscriptions.
| \CCaplin.StreamLink.IContainerSubscriptionParametersDefines the parameters used for Container subscriptions. To create an instance of ContainerSubscriptionParameters call the IStreamLink.CreateContainerSubscriptionParameters method.
oCCaplin.StreamLink.ISubscriptionStatusEventProvides information about a change in the state of a subscription.
oCCaplin.StreamLink.Alerts.ITriggerA Trigger is an object associated with a particular RTTP subject that contains a condition (on the given subjects fields) that when met will trigger a notification message.
oCCaplin.StreamLink.Alerts.ITriggerListenerInterface that should be implemented to receive trigger change callbacks from the TriggerProvider
oCCaplin.StreamLink.IWebRequestParametersContains the parameters needed to call a specific Liberator web module.
oCCaplin.StreamLink.LogLevelEnumeration that represents the available logging levels.
oCCaplin.StreamLink.Alerts.NotificationServiceA NotificationService subscribes to a Notifications container of the StreamLink user and allows the user to register a listener to be called when notifications are triggered or dismissed
oCCaplin.StreamLink.StreamLinkFactoryFactory that creates StreamLink instances.
\CCaplin.StreamLink.Alerts.TriggerServiceA TriggerService subscribes to the Triggers of a StreamLink user and allows the user to register a listener to be called back when triggers are added, removed or modified.

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