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StreamLink 6.x is a simpler, more compact API than StreamLink 5.x. For this reason, a few interfaces have been refactored and the configuration mechanism has changed. The main changes are a follows:


In version 5, the StreamLinkProvider class was the main interface point for application code, you accessed this class to add and remove listeners, handle subscriptions and other responsibilities. This functions have been moved to the ISTreamLink interface and the StreamLinkProvider class no longer exists. For instance, where we had: streamLink.StreamLinkProvider.AddConnectionListener(this); we now have: streamLink.AddConnectionListener(this);

ContainerSubscriptionListener and RecordSubscriptionListener

In StreamLink 5.0, there were listener interfaces that had to be implemented for each subject type. In version 6 StreamLink, these are replaced with Caplin.StreamLink.ISubscriptionListener which has the specific methods for both these listeners, such as ContainerUpdated (now OnContainerUpdated) or RecordUpdated (now OnRecordUpdated). The same applies for RecordType2Updated and RecordType3Updated.


The Logging facility within StreamLink has been revamped and the FileLogger has been removed. It is now the responsibility of your application to record any logs that may be required.

XML configuration

The XML configuration has been replaced by a JSON string to provide compatibility with other StreamLink versions (such as StreamLinkJS and StreamLink iOS). All the details for the configuration can be found in Caplin.StreamLink.StreamLinkFactory. Additionally, the configuration can be done programmatically using a Caplin.StreamLink.IStreamLinkConfiguration object.

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