Transformer SDK For C
Configuration API

Data Structures

struct  ds_config_enum_t
 Enumerated types structure. More...


#define DS_CONFIG_BOOL   0x0001
#define DS_CONFIG_CHAR   0x0005
#define DS_CONFIG_DEPRECATED   0x0400
#define DS_CONFIG_FILE   0x0007
#define DS_CONFIG_FLOAT   0x0003
#define DS_CONFIG_FUNC   0x0006
#define DS_CONFIG_INT   0x0002
#define DS_CONFIG_STR   0x0004
#define DS_CONFIG_STRICT   0x0200
#define DS_OFFSET(t, m)


typedef struct _config_ctx ds_config_ctx_t
 The configuration context data type. More...
typedef void(* ds_config_func) (char *name, int num, char **values)
 Definition of function type used for configuration callbacks. More...

Detailed Description

Macro Definition Documentation

#define DS_CONFIG_BOOL   0x0001

Defines the boolean data type.

#define DS_CONFIG_CHAR   0x0005

Defines the character data type.


Defines the character array data type

#define DS_CONFIG_DEPRECATED   0x0400

Defines that this option has been deprecated - the description will give an alternate option to use

#define DS_CONFIG_FILE   0x0007

Defines the file data type.

#define DS_CONFIG_FLOAT   0x0003

Defines the floating point data type.

demo-delete.c, and demo-modify.c.

Defines the floating point array data type

#define DS_CONFIG_FUNC   0x0006

Defines the configuration function data type. See ds_config_func()

#define DS_CONFIG_INT   0x0002

Defines the integer data type.


Defines the integer array data type. There is no need to allocate space for the array

#define DS_CONFIG_STR   0x0004

Defines the string datatype. There is no need to allocate memory for this.

demo-delete.c, and demo-modify.c.

Defines the string array data type

demo-calcvalue.c, demo-delete.c, demo-modify.c, demo-spread.c, demo-userdata.c, and demo-userdata2.c.
#define DS_CONFIG_STRICT   0x0200

Defines that only the enumerated values should be used, i.e. |&,+ are forbidden

#define DS_OFFSET (   t,

This macro is used to define the offset of a member in a struct. It is used within ds_config_add_option() or ds_config_add_array_option() when it is used as a group. Alternatively if your compiler supports it, you can use the offsetof() macro.

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct _config_ctx ds_config_ctx_t

The configuration context data type.

typedef void(* ds_config_func) (char *name, int num, char **values)

Definition of function type used for configuration callbacks.

nameName of the option
numNumber of arguments
valuesArray of strings representing the arguments

This function is used when the standard data types are not suitable or when a number of different arguments are needed. It is called when the relevant option (specified by the name parameter) is found in a configuration file.

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