Transformer SDK For C
Sharing code between modules


void * tf_find_function (const char *name)
 Lookup an extension function. More...
int tf_register_function (const char *name, void *function)
 Register a new function against the extension system. More...

Detailed Description

The extension interface allows modules to register functions with the transformer core which can then be used by other modules. This way common functionality can be shared between modules, and additional features added to the Transformer without needing to alter the Transformer's codebase.

Two modules supplied with the Transformer use the extender interface to expose functionality to other modules:

The extension interface is totally flexible in how functionality is exposed between modules, however, we recommend that a function is registered that returns a structure containing function pointers/C++ object to provide protection regarding parameter errors.

Function Documentation

void* tf_find_function ( const char *  name)

Lookup an extension function.

name- Function name to lookup
Cast to void function pointer for the function
Return values
NULL- Function not known
int tf_register_function ( const char *  name,
void *  function 

Register a new function against the extension system.

name- Function name
function- Cast to void * function pointer
0 - Registered (always)

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