Transformer Pipeline Module API Reference
Activity Handling

Detailed Description

The activity package provides functionality for handling the inactivity of individual symbols.

For every update that is received for a symbol the active_inactive() function should be called. Should the symbol have not updated recently then your specified function will be called. This can then perform whatever actions are desired for example raising an alert (see Alerting routines).


 activity.inactive (var symbol, var timeout, var callback)
 Simple activity timeout. More...
 activity.disable (var symbol)
 Disable the inactivity counter for a symbol. More...

Function Documentation

activity.disable ( var  symbol)

Disable the inactivity counter for a symbol.

symbol- Symbol to disable the inactivity for
activity.inactive ( var  symbol,
var  timeout,
var  callback 

Simple activity timeout.

symbol- Symbol that we're concerned about
timeout- Time that we should expect to receive an update within
callback- Callback to invoke when the timeout expires

This function should be called for every update of a symbol. If it hasn't been called for timeout seconds then the function callback will be called which can then be used to raise an appropriate event.

If timeout is 0 then inactivity is cancelled and an inactivity event will not be raised.

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