Transformer Pipeline Module API Reference
Timer management

Detailed Description

The functions in this package provider timer management for pipeline scripts.

Timers are one-shot events that can only be set in the future, i.e. if an attempt is made to make the timer fire in the past, then the call to timer.add will fail.


 timer.add (var ttab)
 Add a new timer to the system. More...
 timer.del (var identifier)
 Remove a timer from the system,. More...

Function Documentation

timer.add ( var  ttab)

Add a new timer to the system.

ttab- Table
A timer handle
Return values
nil- Inappropriate timestamp

The time may either be an offset from the current time in seconds or a fully qualified timestamp in the form: %Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%SZ If the time obtained from the timestamp has passed, then nil will be returned and the timer won't be set.

The handle returned should be regarded as opaque and not inspected.

When the event occurs, the timer is automatically removed from the system, that is to say, timers do not repeat.

The following example adds a timer to fire in 15 seconds

function callback(callback_table)
function start_timer()
-- Define the timer definition
local callback_table = {}
callback_table.callback = "callback"
callback_table.time = 15.0
timer.del ( var  identifier)

Remove a timer from the system,.

identifier- Timer identifier

The handle supplied to that function, is the same as that returned by timer.add()

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