This document specifies the available MBean types that can be used as the domain of the ObjectName to reference the system MBeans. The MBeans have been broken down into groups of related MBeans for convience. Each group of MBeans is assigned to a table in this page. The user can click on any of the MBeans listed and will be taken to another page which lists all the attributes, notifications and operations available on that MBean.

MBean Naming

In the tables below the text [id] is used as a placeholder for the MBean type which is defined by the type of Caplin server product being monitored. This text will be replaced with the application name of the product that generated the MBeans when the MBeans are being called from the client side application.

So for example if the Caplin Liberator using SSL created the MBeans then the MBean [id].server.system:System=default would become rttpd_ssl.server.system:System=default.

The text that will replace [id] can be found in the SERVERTYPE MBean as the root attribute.


MBean Type MBean Description
[id].module.clusterCluster Information
[id].cluster.nodeCluster Information


MBean Type MBean Description
[id].module.formatFormatting Information


MBean Type MBean Description
[id].module.persistencePersistence Module Control Bean


Genreic MBeans used by the JMX server
MBean Type MBean Description

Provides information and monitors activity relating to the system Liberator and DataSource applications are running on.

[id].server.datasrcProvides release information regarding the DataSource libraries the Liberator is using.
[id].server.loggingLog file information

Provides information and monitors activity of the DataSource's message queue.

If a peer loses its connection to a DataSource, messages will be queued until the connection can be reestablished. The queue is flushed when a reconnection is successful.


Provides information and monitors activity of a peer (remote application or feed handler which Liberator can receive data from and send data to).

There are two kinds of peer:

  • active peers, which keep track of which objects have been requested and sends updates for those objects only.
  • broadcast peers, which send all objects and updates to any connected peers.

Provides statistical information on each of the DataSource peers.

Additionally, an instance called "global" is an aggregate of all peers.


MBean Type MBean Description
[id].dataservicesTop level dataservices information
[id].dataservices.dataserviceDataservice Information
[id].dataservices.groupDataservice peer group
[id].dataservices.priorityDataservice priority group
[id].dataservices.peerDataservice peer
[id].dataservices.affinityDataservice affinity information