Java development workflow

From Caplin Integration Suite 7, the workflow for creating new Java integration projects has changed.

Changes from CIS 6

In CIS 6, developers downloaded a single ZIP file that contained the CIS Toolkit and Caplin’s Java integration libraries for Blotter, Charting, Notification, Permissioning, and Trading functionality.

From CIS 7, the CIS Toolkit has been discontinued, and the Java Integration Libraries are now distributed individually from the Caplin Download Site and the new Caplin Software Repository.

The functionality provided by the CIS Toolkit is now provided by Gradle template projects hosted in Caplin’s GitHub repository. Each template project includes working example code and Gradle tasks to build and export the project.

Access to DataSource for Java and its extensions is now handled by Gradle, which can be configured to automatically download libraries from the Caplin Software Repository or use libraries downloaded manually from the Caplin Download Site.

New Java development workflow

From CIS 7, you begin a new Java integration project by downloading and customising a project template from Caplin’s GitHub repository.

For full instructions, see Caplin Project Templates.