Assets - CSS

The CSS Asset is one of the types of content that can comprise a BRJS application. There is more information about assets on About Bundlers.

An application may support a set of themes. All the CSS associated with a particular theme is found within the themes directory of the aspect, bladeset or blade to which it belongs, in a folder dedicated to that theme. For example: CSS that applies to the steampunk theme of an application’s default aspect would be located in:


The code that generates the file-list works in tandem with a servlet filter, which determines the theme, locale and browser-type of the request. The file-list will therefore only contain CSS files from the appropriate theme directory.

To create browser or locale-specific variants, create stylesheets using the following naming conventions inside the appropriate theme directory:

For locale-specific CSS: <name><locale>.css_

<name> in this instance, is whatever name you want to give to your CSS file, so if your default stylesheet was called styles.css, a locale-specific version for French could be:


For browser-specific CSS: <name>_<browser>.css

The <browser> component of this name would include the version number, e.g. ie8 or chrome22. For example:


If you are using both browser and locale-specific stylesheets, the browser-specific styles will take precedence over locale-specific ones, by default.