Assets - XML configuration

The XML Configuration Asset is one of the types of content that can comprise a BRJS application. There is more information about assets on About Bundlers.

XML configuration needs to conform to a known schema (e.g. Caplin grid XML schema). Each recognised namespace is associated with a set of rules that determine how the bundler merges multiple XML source documents into a single combined document.

The XML configuration asset uses a namespacing convention, to ensure that someone working in one blade cannot accidentally overwrite an XML in another blade. An error is reported if any XML violates the namespacing convention.

The bundler verifies that every top XML element has an id attribute, and that the attribute uses the following namespacing convention:

For example, you might have a top level XML element like this:

<gridTemplate id="novotrader.fx.grid.fxGrid">



From this, we can tell that this XML belongs in an app called novotrader, a bladeset called fx, and a blade called grid.