CT 4.0 Upgrade Guide: Code

CT uses the BRJS ServiceRegistry

The BRJS ServiceRegistry no longer supports the retrieval of services via an interface. Code must now always use the alias.

CT no longer ships with an OEM licensed version of Extjs

If your application relies upon functionality provided by Extjs or overrides Extjs style declarations, you will need to modify your code.

In addition to the removal of Extjs, the following package/classes that relied upon this library have also been removed:

  • caplin.component.composite.* (previously deprecated)

  • caplin.presenter.control.selectionfield.ExtJsSelectBoxControl

  • caplin.presenter.control.selectionfield.ExtJsSelectBoxControlAdaptor

  • caplin.presenter.control.selectionfield.ExtJsComboBoxControl

  • caplin.presenter.control.selectionfield.ExtJsComboBoxControlAdaptor

BRJS wraps all "namespace-style" files in a define(){} block

This means that if your code has any intentional globals (apart from the class itself) then you will need to remove the var statement and change function declarations to function expressions, if you still need them to be global.

Format change for URL passed to caplin.popout.Popout

The URL must now end with a trailing slash.


Replace <base href="@APP.VERSION@"/> with <@base.tag@/> in index.html/index.jsp files

Replace @APP.VERSION@ with @appVersion@ everywhere else.

Images cannot be referenced in XML configuration files

You will now need to reference these images in CSS

BRJS changes the order of CSS bundling

The order has changed from: libs → bladeset → blade → aspect to libs → blade → bladeset → aspect

If you want to keep the old order: replace <@css.bundle theme="noir"@/> with <@ct-css.bundle theme="noir"@/> in your index page.

Changes to bundling of code included with <@js.bundle> tag

By default multiple files are served in development and a single concatenated bundle is written into the deployable artifact. To mimic existing behaviour, add the following attributes:

<@js.bundle dev-minifier="combined" prod-minifier="closure-simple"@/>

Aspects and conformant user libraries are no longer able to define classes outside of their namespace.

If your aspect defines a global MyClass.js instead of novox/MyClass.js then an exception will be thrown. You will have to rename your classes inside the appropriate namespace.

Global classes are no longer allowed

So for example:


should be changed to:


Also in this example, make sure to change PreferencesFixtureFactory to caplinx.fxtrader.preferences.PreferencesFixtureFactory everywhere and also create folders as necessary for the namespace e.g. caplinx/fxtrader/preferences/

Alias names can no longer be the same as the class they point to, and they must also conform to namespace rules

You must create unique names. The names must also be correctly namespaced in accordance to the requirePrefix set in br-lib.conf.

All references to ko must be replaced with presenter_knockout

This will only affect you if you have patched a limited number of Presenter classes.

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