This topic describes the configuration options for the Barracuda Order Adapter.

Editing the configuration file

On deployment, the adapter's configuration file is copied to the Deployment Framework directory: <framework-root>/global_config/overrides/BarracudaOrderAdapter/etc/Adapter.conf.

Any customisations you make to the configuration file will be retained on upgrading the adapter if you follow the steps outlined in Upgrading the Barracuda Order Adapter.

Configuration reference

The configuration file, Adapter.conf, is in Typesafe format.

Configuration Description
barracuda {
  host = ""
  messageport = 5295
Host and port of the Barracuda Order Management System.
broker {
  username = "the username"
  password = "the password"
Barracuda Order Management System connection credentials.
notifications {
  statuses = [
A list of statuses that trigger notifications.
strategy {
  account_per_leg = false
  activation_date_per_leg = false
  expiration_date_per_leg = false

Defines whether account, activation date, and expiration date should be defined per strategy or per leg.

datebounds {
  cancelledOrders {
    lowerbound: "1"

Date bounds.

The databounds.cancelledOrders.lowerbound configuration option specifies that requests for cancelled orders should be limited to orders cancelled within the previous lowerbound days.