Seed the OpenSSL random number generator

The OpenSSL library is used to to encrypt DataSource and RTTP connections in C-based DataSource applications (including Liberator and Transformer). OpenSSL uses its own pseudo random number generator (PRNG), seeded on startup from a source of random data provided by the operating system. On Linux, the random source is the non-blocking device file /dev/urandom. On other platforms, it may be necessary to explicitly seed the number generator. You can do this by specifying the ssl-random-seed configuration item.

Here’s an example:

ssl-random-seed builtin
ssl-random-seed file etc/randomdata
ssl-random-seed file etc/randomdata 1024
ssl-random-seed exec etc/
ssl-random-seed exec etc/ 512

Add the configuration to the appropriate overrides file in the Deployment Framework:

  • Liberator<Framework-root>/global_config/overrides/servers/Liberator/etc/rttpd.conf
  • Transformer<Framework-root>/global_config/overrides/servers/Transformer/etc/transformer.conf
  • Adapter blade<Framework-root>/global_config/overrides/<AdapterBladeName>/DataSource/etc/<AdapterName>.conf

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