Customise an existing blade

Here's how to customise blades that you've already deployed, by changing their configuration.

Note: customisations to a running component take effect the next time the component is restarted.

You can do simple customisations of a blade that you've deployed, by overriding parts of its configuration.

  1. Create in <Framework-root>/global_config/overrides/ a directory with the name of the blade.
    For example:
  2. Create in this directory the directory structure leading to the configuration file that you wish to override.
    For example:
  3. Create a new configuration file with the appropriate name in this new directory.
    For example:
  4. Add the additional/modified configuration to the file.
    For example:
log-level DEBUG

In the above example, we've changed the log-level of the C-based Integration Adapter that's part of MyAdapterBlade, so that the Adapter logs more detailed information for debug purposes. This setting overrides the log-level setting of INFO in the blade's standard configuration file <Framework-root>/kits/MyAdapterBlade/MyAdapterBlade/DataSource/etc/myadapter.conf  The rest of the configuration in the standard configuration file still applies, so if the standard configuration has a log-dir item, the Adapter's log file is still generated in that directory.

Warning: Don't delete, change or add to any of the files in the deployed blade itself. That means don't change anything in <Framework-root>/kits/<blade-name>/ and its subdirectories.

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