Section 7 - System Availability and Permissioning

In this section we will cover:

  • System error messages when specific systems are down
  • Permissioning configuration for various FX Tile features
  • Typical tile appearances during permissioning errors

System Availability

When certain server-side systems are unavailable, various functionality across the FX Tile are disabled. For example if the system responsible for integrating prices is down, streaming rates will fail to update on an FX Tile. The table below describes what happens when a particular server-side system is unavailable.

It also outlines the affected trade messages that are passed between the tile and the server-side system during trade executions or updates to subscriptions (Integrating FX data with a tile); the table lists the Subject that is used to identify the type of trade message affected e.g. FX trade messages communicated during a trade execution are sent to the FX Trade Integration system using the Subject: /PRIVATE/TRADE/FX:

  Server-side System
FX Trade Integration FX Price Integration FX Calendar Integration
System description When executing a trade using an 
FX Tile, this system communicates the
trade data to external systems that handle
the booking of trades.

This system is used to integrate live
pricing information,such as up-to-date
rates for a currency pairs using an external
pricing engine.

This system handles the integration of
financial calendar data via external systems.
This includes accessing available settlement
dates when setting up a trade on a tile.
When unavailable When this system is down, trade data is
no longer communicated and trades cannot be processed or initiated.
When this system is down, rates are no
longer streamed to the tile. Any rates displayed on the tile will not refresh.
When this system is down a user may
not be able to trade as settlement dates
will be unavailable.
Tile error

The FX Tile is greyed out,
with white text. 

Execute buttons are

The FX Tile is greyed out, with rates appearing to be crossed out with a strikethrough.

Live rates are no longer update on
the tile.

The FX Tile is greyed out and execution buttons are disabled.

Rates may still appear to be updating on the tile.

Tile Appearance

FX Tile Permissioning

A permission determines whether an action using tiles will be allowed or denied. An action defines the interaction that a user can have when trading using FX Tiles. Examples of tile actions are: 

  • "Viewing" 
  • "Two-way pricing" 
  • "One-Click trading"

When you define a permission you can also define a namespace. A namespace allows the FX Professional web application to query related permissions, such as all permissions in the "tenor" namespace. Some examples of permissioning items and namespaces are:

Action Namespace
One-Click Trading FX Instrument Quick Trades
One month settlement Tenor

FX Tiles can be tailored to match the permissions of the end-user who is currently logged in. An example would be to display information that the user is allowed to view, and to hide information that the user is not allowed to view. This information could be anything from pricing data for currency pairs, Tenors or specific settlement dates etc. Below is a list of the different types of permissions that can be used with tiles:

Permissioning Item Permission criteria Description Result

action: FX-TRADE

namespace: FX_TRADE

Controls whether a user is permissioned to trade.

Execute buttons are disabled,
menu is removed.

One/Two-way tile

action: TWO_WAY

namespace: FX_TRADE

Controls whether a user can use One-way or
Two-way tiles, or both. This permission is only
checked when the tile is created and is not a
live permission.

If the user does not have TWO_WAY then only one way tiles are displayed.

Currency Viewable

action: VIEW
namespace: NULL
Controls whether a user has permission to view a particular currency pair or instrument A message pops up within the FX Tile indicating that the user is not permissioned.
Currency Tradeable

action: GBPUSD


Controls whether a user has permissions to trade on a particular currency pair

Execute buttons are disabled, menu control is removed.


action: ESP-SPOT
namespace: FX_ESP
Controls whether a user has permissions to use or execute on a Spot tile Tile appears greyed out, and streaming rates are disabled. Execute buttons still work as well as menu control.
namespace: FX_ESP
Controls whether a user has permission to execute a trade using a Forward settlement date. Tile appears greyed out and execute buttons are disabled.

One-Click trading

namespace: FX_ESP
Single-click and two-click trading is supported by FX Professional. For single-click trading, the user clicks once on a streaming rate to initiate a trade. For two-click, an additional message is displayed prompting the user to confirm the transaction before continuing any further.  If one-click trading is disabled, an additional confirmation message is displayed on the tile whenever a rate is clicked.

Tenor/ Settlement date

action: 1Month
namespace: TenorPermissions
Controls what tenors and settlement dates a user has permissions to view or select using the settlement date field on the tile. If a user is not permissioned to trade using a particular tenor or settlement date, the FX tile will appear greyed out. Execute buttons are disabled

For more information on permissioning see:

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