Client-Search Containers and Records

This page describes the containers and records that support the Client Search feature in Caplin FX Sales.

 The containers and records on this page are provided by the Client Search Adapter, which integrates with your client directory. This adapter must be written before the Client Search feature in Caplin FX Sales will work.

Searching for client names

To retrieve a list of client names matching a search string, subscribe to the record below.

Record subject

Subscribe to the subject below, where <client_search_string> is the search string to pass to the Client Search Adapter. You can include spaces in the client search string: the StreamLink JS library will ensure that they are properly encoded. In order to support the FX Sales search-as-you-type capability, your implementation of the Client Search Adapter must support partial matching of client names.


Record fields

The search results are presented to FX Sales as a type 1 record, containing a single field. 

Field Name Description Example Value

A JSON-formatted object with a single property, clients, that contains an array of search-result objects:

   clients: [
      {"Name":"<value>", "UserCount":"<value>"},

The UserCount property represents the number of users associated with the client.

   "clients": [

Searching for users

To retrieve the details of users whose names match a search string, subscribe to the container subject below. You can optionally narrow the search by including a client name.

Container subject

The container's subject includes two parameters: user and client. The user parameter must have a value. The client parameter may be empty.


Container records

The container comprises type 1 records of the following specification.

Record subject


Record fields

The fields listed below comprise the minimum field set expected by FX Sales. Your implementation of the Client Search Adapter can include extra fields if required.

Field Name Description Example Value
Client The name of the client Proline
UserID A unique identifer for the user ID-8
Title The title of the user's name Mr
FirstName The user's first name John
LastName The user's last name Smith
FullName The user's full name John Edward Smith
Email The user's email address
Phone The user's phone number 02071115555
Mobile The user's mobile number 07788844222

A comma-separated list of trading accounts. Each item in the list is in the format:


Accounts=Account 1|acc1,
Account 2|acc2,
Account 3|acc3