Name mapping

The TREP adapter can be configured to map its internal namespace to a different external namespace. This can either be used to simply make it a valid object name for an external source, or to create a complex directory structure of objects.



Type: Function

Default: None

Syntax: add-pattern <trep-pattern> <caplin-platform-pattern>

add-pattern maps a TREP namespace to a Caplin Platform namespace.

Both patterns may include one wildcard (*), positioned at the beginning or at the end of the pattern. The wildcard matches 0 or more characters.

The default configured TREP service for the TREP Adapter is ELEKTRON_DD. To change the service name from ELEKTRON_DD, edit configuration items upa-priority-service (if used), upa-dictionary-service, and add-pattern.

If you have deployed the TREP Adapter to the Deployment Framework, you don’t need to edit the above configuration items directly. Instead, edit the configuration variables REUTERS_DATA_SERVICE and REUTERS_DICTIONARY_SERVICE in the file global_config/overrides/TREPAdapter/DataSource/etc/upasrc.conf.


add-pattern ELEKTRON_DD/* /I/*

The example above maps the TREP namespace ELEKTRON_DD to the Caplin Platform namespace /I. As an example application of this mapping, the TREP Adapter would map Caplin Platform requests for the subject /I/VOD.L to the TREP symbol ELEKTRON_DD/VOD.L.

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