News data

News data is delivered as records consisting of fields. Because news data requires different processing than financial data, DataSource allows you to identify news items by specifying their particular symbols or record names.

A news item consists of two parts: the headline and the story. Stories are generally longer than the headline, and transmitted in segments. You can configure how these segments are stored by DataSource and how they are sent to their destinations, which can help in fine-tuning the performance of DataSource.

TREP Adapter can be configured to send news stories to the client via RTTP, write them to an XML file, or output them to a plain text file. Writing news stories to an XML file permits some degree of formatting on the client side.

An XML stylesheet can be associated with the news files. See xml-stylesheet.

In order to receive news stories you must uncomment the following configuration items in the upasrc.conf override file:

  item    /I/N2_UBMS
  name    /NEWS

news-writedir   ${ccd}/../news/

The add-item items request the symbols that Refinitiv news stories are sent under, and the news-writedir item specifies where TREP Adapter should write XML files to.

A number of the news configuration items take strftime type values. Please refer to your UNIX manual for further information on strftime.

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