Liberator Auth API

This example creates a new system object called /SYSTEM/AUTH/MYAUTH and updates the field "number-users" with the total number of logins, and the field "last-user" with the username of the last user to login.

static object_t *info_object;
static int num_users_fieldnum;
static int last_user_fieldnum;
void auth_mod_init(nodeinfo_t *nodeinfo, authfuncs_t *funcs, eventcallback_t callback)
/* Setup authfuncs_t here */
num_users_fieldnum = infoob_add_field("number-users",0);
last_user_fieldnum = infoob_add_field("last-user",0);
info_object = infoob_new_object("MYAUTH");
int auth_new_user(session_t *session, char *user, char *pass)
static int num_users;
return AUTH_OK;

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