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   oCBlotterConfigurationThe type Blotter configuration, which can be used to create a BlotterProvider instance.
   oCBlotterItemBlotterItem is the data type representing a single item on the blotter. It is identified by the uniqueId passed into the constructor. It provides methods for setting its fields.
   oCBlotterProviderThis is the entry point into the BlotterAPI. The provider creates active publishers on the namespaces provided in the BlotterConfiguration. Incoming requests on the blotter channel namespace are delegated to your application as IBlotterApplicationListener::BlotterChannelOpened calls. For details of how to send BlotterItems, see IBlotterChannel.
   oCIBlotterApplicationListenerPassed into the constructor of BlotterProvider, callbacks are made when requests and discards for blotter channels are received: IBlotterApplicationListener.BlotterChannelOpened and IBlotterApplicationListener.BlotterChannelClosed.
   oCIBlotterChannelBlotterChannel is the entry point for sending out BlotterItems. It enters your application through the IBlotterApplicationListener.BlotterChannelOpened method and includes methods such as IBlotterChannel.SendBlotterItem for populating the IBlotterChannel with items.
   \CIBlotterChannelListenerRegister this listener on incoming channels from IBlotterApplicationListener.BlotterChannelOpened

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