Interface EditStrategyListenerFactory

  • public interface EditStrategyListenerFactory

    An EditStrategyListenerFactory instance is responsible for providing an EditStrategyListener whenever an Edit Strategy request has been initiated from the client.

    Example Usage:

            public class MyEditStrategyListenerFactory implements EditStrategyListenerFactory
                    public EditStrategyListener createEditStrategyListener(EditStrategyRequest request)
                            return new MyEditStrategyListener(request);
    • Method Detail

      • createEditStrategyListener

        EditStrategyListener createEditStrategyListener​(EditStrategyRequest request)
        Returns an instance of ESPTradeListener for the specified EditStrategyRequest instance. This is the listener that the API will use to notify the the server of incoming client side events.
        request - The EditStrategyRequest that was initiated
        The listener that will be called upon to handle client events.