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   oCINotificationApplicationListenerYou must implement this interface. The Notification API will call back on this interface to inform you that a user has logged in and requested their notifications. This is passed into the constructor of NotificationProvider. Once a NotificationChannel has been opened, Notifications can be sent on it.
   oCINotificationChannelThe NotificationChannel is a notification communication channel associated with a particular user. It allows your application to add and remove Notifications for a user which will be received by a front end application.
   oCINotificationChannelListenerYou should implement (and register) the NotificationChannelListener if you want to receive a callback when a user has dismissed a notification from their screen. The NotificationChannelListener also allows your application to receive information about other interactions with an onscreen notification. For example, the user interface may inform your adapter that a notification has been read.
   oCNotificationNotification represents a single notification to be sent to a client. It is identified by the uniqueId passed into the constructor. Methods are provided for setting field access.
   oCNotificationConfigurationThe type NotificationConfiguration, which can be used to create a NotificationProvider instance.
   \CNotificationProviderIf you want to manage notifications within your application you MUST create an instance of this class. This class manages notification subscription requests and provides your NotificationApplicationListener with callbacks when users log in and log out of the system.

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