A dealt currency specific caplin.presenter.node.SelectionField intended for use in toggle switch controls which depend on a currency pair property.

The options in an instance of a DealtCurrencySelectionField are generated from the oFxInstrument that the field is constructed with, and changes if the property changes. The value of the field also changes if the options change, to the first currency in the new pair.

Constructor Summary

Attributes Name and Description
caplin.presenter.domain.node.DealtCurrencySelectionField( oFxInstrument, oDealtCurrency)

Fields borrowed from class caplin.presenter.node.SelectionField:
controlName, enabled, failureMessage, hasError, label, options, value, visible
Methods inherited from class caplin.presenter.node.SelectionField:
allowInvalidSelections, automaticallyUpdateValueWhenOptionsChange
Methods implemented from class
onPropertyChanged, onPropertyUpdated, onValidationComplete, onValidationError, onValidationSuccess

Constructor Detail

caplin.presenter.domain.node.DealtCurrencySelectionField( oFxInstrument, oDealtCurrency)

Parameters oFxInstrument A property created with the and bound to the currency pair within the trade.
oDealtCurrency (Optional) The default value for the pair