Caplin Trader 4.5.2

Class: module:caplin/core/StringUtility



new module:caplin/core/StringUtility()

This is a static class that never needs to be instantiated. Utility class that provides methods for string manipulation.


(static) buildString(source, separator, includeName) → {String}

Concatenates the string fields of an object into a single string, each field being separated from the next by 'separator'. If includeName is set to true, then the field name will also be included in the string.
Name Type Description
source Object The object whose fields will be concatenated into a single string.
separator String The string to use as the separator between each field in the returned string.
includeName boolean If true, the names of the object's fields will be included in the returned string.
A single string representing all the string fields of an object.

(static) isNullUndefinedOrEmpty(source, trimopt)

Determines if the string is null, undefined or an empty string.
Name Type Attributes Description
source String The string to be tested
trim Boolean <optional>
Defaults to false. If true any whitespace will be trimmed before performing the empty string comparison.

(static) splitAndTrim(source, separator) → {Array}

Splits up the specified input string, based on the specified separator, and trims each of the output strings. For example, the string "one, two, three" split with a comma separator will produce an array output of ["one","two","three"].
Name Type Description
source String The string to be split up.
separator String The separator which will be used to split the string up.
An array containing the split string, with each of the contents of the array trimmed.