Caplin Trader 4.5.2

Module: alias:caplin/presenter/sljs/SLJSContainerNodeListManager

A class that subscribes to a SLJS container and populates the given `NodeList` with the records from it. Each item in the NodeList will be a `PresentationNode` with `WritableProperty`s for each defined field.
Name Type Attributes Description
presenterNodeList module:br/presenter/node/NodeList The node list that will be managed by this manager.
subscriptionOptions Object An options map that specifies the arguments for the subscription.
Name Type Description
subject String The subject of the container.
fields Array.<ContainerField> An array of `ContainerField` objects describing a field.
availabilityProperty br/presenter/property/WritableProperty <optional>
An optional property into which the current status of the subscription will be written. Possible values are an empty string (if condition is not known), 'ERROR' (when a subscription error occurs) or one of the values from the `caplin.streamlink.SubscriptionStatusType` enum.