Caplin Trader 4.5.2

Class: module:caplin/grid/decorator/RowLoadingDecorator



new module:caplin/grid/decorator/RowLoadingDecorator()

Constructs a caplin.grid.decorator.RowLoadingDecorator instance — end-users will never need to do this as grids are constructed based on their configurations in XML definition files by the module:caplin/grid/GridComponentFactory class.

The RowLoadingDecorator provides a loading image (e.g. a spinner) in rows that do not yet have data. The image that will be used is configured by defining the background image for the loadingRow class. When the row has received its data, the loading image is removed.

  • The use of imagePath as defined in gridDefinitions.xml is deprecated. The decorator now references a themed css class instead (.loadingRow)