Caplin Trader 5.1.0

Namespace: ct-chart


The chart library provides classes that can be used to obtain chart series data from a back-end system (such as Caplin Liberator). It also provides various studies you can add to your series.

This package does not contain a charting engine which means you can use any chart library you want. If you want to use the Caplin Platform as the source of charting data you only have to write your own chart component and provide an module:ct-chart/series/Adapter] that will convert the chart series data in Caplin Platform format into a format that the charting engine you use understands.

The Caplin chart series format is an array of arrays (each item in an array being a number):

[ [ timestamp, open, high, low, close (,volume) ], ... ]

Note that individual studies will also emit data in the Caplin format, but the structure of that data will depend on each individual study (usually it will just be a simple [[timestamp, value], ...] but it could be anything else), refer to the documentation of the study for the actual format.