Caplin Trader 5.1.0

Class: module:ct-chart/study/BollingerBand

module:ct-chart/study/BollingerBand(alias, derivationParams, listener, configOverridesopt)

new module:ct-chart/study/BollingerBand(alias, derivationParams, listener, configOverridesopt)

Constructs a new BollingerBand.

A study that calculates the Bollinger Bands over the given period with upper and lower bands at n standard deviations.

This study requires the period and stdDeviationMultiplier to be passed in the derivation options.

This study is aliased by the caplin.chart-bollinger-bands-study alias. To create a new instance of this study use the module:ct-chart/study/Factory.

Name Type Attributes Description
alias String

The Study alias.

derivationParams Object

Study derivation options.

listener Object

A listener object that implements the module:ct-chart/study/StudyListener interface.

configOverrides Object <optional>

Configuration overrides passed to the parent class. This study overrides the representationTypes, representationNames and colors options.




Calculates the Bollinger Bands over the given period against the provided standard deviation multiplier.

Once completed it will invoke the module:ct-chart/study/StudyListener#onStudyData method on its listener.

The format of the calculated data is: [[timestamp, upper, middle, lower], ...]

Name Type Description
data Array

Chart series data in the Caplin Format.