Caplin Trader 5.1.0

Class: module:ct-workbench/messaging/MessageEditorPM


new module:ct-workbench/messaging/MessageEditorPM()

This is the PresentationModel for message service data editor workbench tool. This tool displays a list of records as a MappedNodeList of module:ct-workbench/messaging/RecordNodes that have either been configured (in the workbench app) or have received a subscription from the component. For each record, it displays the number of active and paused subscriptions and allows the user to edit data fields. It also displays a "global" panel, whose PresentationModel is module:ct-workbench/messaging/MessageEditorMainControl, which can be used to change the status of every record simultaneously, and also send updates for all records using each record's given data fields.



Create a new RecordNode corresponding to the given record stub and add it to the list.

Name Type Description
record module:ct-services/testing/RecordStub

newly added record stub