Caplin Trader 5.1.0

Interface: module:ct-workbench/model/WorkbenchEventListener


A WorkbenchEventListener represents an interface that interested parties should use in conjunction with the module:ct-core/event/EventHub to publish events that will be logged within a workbench via the module:ct-workbench/WorkbenchEventLogger


logEvent(sEventName, sDirection, vData)

Logs an event to the EventHub, which will be displayed in the WorkbenchEventLogger if it's present.

Name Type Description
sEventName String

The name of the event.

sDirection String

The direction of the event (either "send" or "receive")

vData Variant

The data to be displayed (initially collapsed in the WorkbenchEventLogger). If this is a Map, this will be expandable within the WorkbenchEventLogger