Caplin Trader 5.1.0

Interface: module:ct-trading/trademodel/TradeFactoryListener


The super constructor of implementors of TradeFactoryListener. classes implementing TradeFactoryListener are informed whenever a trade factory creates a trade.


tradeCreated(oTradeFactory, oTrade)

Notifies the listener that a trade has been created using the given factory.

Name Type Description
oTradeFactory module:ct-trading/trademodel/TradeFactory

The trade factory used to create the trade.

oTrade module:ct-trading/trademodel/Trade

The newly created trade.

tradeRemoved(oTrade, sTradeID)

Notifies the listener that a trade has been removed.

Name Type Description
oTrade module:ct-trading/trademodel/Trade

The removed trade.

sTradeID String

The Id for oTrade