Caplin Trader 5.1.0

Namespace: ct-menu


The menu library provides all the necessary classes to generate a menu along with a PresenterControl and a menu PresentationNode for presenter integration (see live examples). It also provides a MenuModelFixture which allows menu model manipulation within jsTestRunner.

In order to render a menu to the screen an instance of will need to be provided to the The control will then use an instance of to render each model type.

The Caplin menu library provides two default implementations,, representing a standard item, and, which will provide a simple API to manipulate it. The provides two default generators, and which will deal with the rendering of the two model types provided. You can create your own implementations along with the correspondent implementation to render them. This custom generators will then need to be registered on the linked to each of the by its type.

The Caplin menu library provides a which will allow you to generate instances of by providing a JSON like config object.